Hauppauge’s traditional WinTV software isn’t supplied because it doesn’t support the H. Acer Swift 7 review: Clearly, the program’s video decoders are not up to much, and you can’t specify alternatives in the setup menu. But you can add channels manually via the ‘channel settings’ menu. Video performance, sadly, is lacklustre – certainly with PowerCinema. TV tuner type -1, Radio tuner type

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Watch and record High Definition Satellite TV on your PC!

The remote control is also a disappointment as far as PowerCinema is concerned. Sample kernel output Note wintv nova hd s2 this differs slightly from the HVR model in that there are no analogue winrv inputs on the card.

The card is supported in the stock Linux kernel since version 2. Against Supplied software compromises hardware potential.

It’s possible, for example, to change channel, but you can’t bring up the list. Some other TV functions can be accessed, but because the remote’s ‘enter’ button isn’t supported they can’t be engaged.

To check your card, enter: You may see the following warning IF you are using wintv nova hd s2 latest drivers: This is annoying, as is PowerCinema’s inability to scan one of the four satellites individually.

Gone are the video input and terrestrial tuners – this simpler card is satellite-only.

Hauppauge WinTV Nova Hd-s2 PCI Dvb-s2 Satellite HD TV Tuner Expansion Card

Beyond a few Discovery Channel documentaries and the odd BBC or Sky One production, there is precious little HD content being broadcast even if you are paying to view that content. As far as sensitivity is concerned the Nova-HD-S2 fares no worse or novz wintv nova hd s2 other recent tuner cards.

But you can add channels manually via the ‘channel settings’ menu. ALSA support for cxx boards Waiting for firmware upload wintv nova hd s2 You can record digital radio channels as well.

If you access the card, you get the error: How to easily improve your portable productivity on the go.

Switching to DVBViewer rewarded us with demonstrably superior video. If you wintv nova hd s2 to run an earlier kernel try the v4l-dvb repository at http: Create a structure for OP and VT limits fbbdfbbcaf17ce4b [media] smiapp-pll: Choosing the right laptop: Not all of the program’s functions are available. And as if that wasn’t enough, the remotely controllable HVR is compatible with the ‘S2’ variant of DVB-S, thereby facilitating hi-def satellite reception.

Hauppauge WinTV Nova Hd-s2 PCI Dvb-s2 Satellite HD TV Tuner Expansion Card | eBay

Just remember that only standard-def channels can be viewed with it. MAC address is Being gadget freaks we have all bought into the HD-ready TV revolution but how many of us are actually wintv nova hd s2 HD television broadcasts? Wintv nova hd s2 some cards it seems, that the firmware is not recognized.

And that’s with the latest Vista Home Edition Premium x2 of Windows, which is currently something of a compatibility assault course.

This results in the following line in the kernel log: The backplate -accessible from the rear of the PC after the card has been slotted into a spare PCI slot – sports an F-connector for your dish wintv nova hd s2 a 2. There is another revision of the card which is not supported under Linux.

On paper this wintv nova hd s2 like a great choice to bring satellite TV to your PC, but without decent enough software to back up its extensive range of yd, this novq a difficult one to recommend. Video performance, sadly, is lacklustre – certainly with PowerCinema. Views Read View source View history.