Hi daveg, The Logitech logo button has the same function as the Xbox Guide button. It tends to mess with a whole lot of games if they are. Hi Chris Pate, Any of those gamepads have a utility to adjust sensitivity and dead zone on the sticks? Hi Martin, If you are in the US, it should be available and shipping out of our warehouse in the next couple of weeks. At first, I thought the issue was driver related and checked my driver version but it was already up to date and no later driver fixed the problem. Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty: No mention of Logitech.

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Getting my Logitech F710 wireless gamepad to work with Windows 10 (and 10.1)

Hi, can you say anthing about the deadzones of the analogsticks? I am the Korean. Xbox or console in general is 1 reason that our PC games are dumped down. Anyway, I have to admit that F is a really great quality gamepad. logitech rumblepad f710

This brings up the Game Controllers control panel applet. I mean is it glossy logitech rumblepad f710 slippery? Hi jackdadon, If the game correctly supports XInput gamepads and vibration feedback, the F will play vibration feedback correctly.

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Buy Logitech rumblepad f710 Online Retailers. World at War Command and Conquer 3: I have to keep tapping on the joystick to left and right rapidly logitefh walk normally. Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Or can we use F and Logitech G Headset at the same time without any signal issues? F not working on Logitech rumblepad f710 If you have one locally, I would check with either a Harvey Norman or Dick Smith store for more information. The controller now works perfectly for me in the LEGO games.

Supported Controllers Logitech F They have shipped to logitech rumblepad f710 European distribution center and are making their way through various countries. Hi Teez, If the game supports simultaneous controllers, then yes. Videos What Do I Need? For older games or games that do not support gamepads at all such as Flash-based gameswe include software that will let you configure the product to emulate a keyboard and mouse.

Modern Warfare 3 Call of Logitech rumblepad f710 Start a New Discussion.

A few years ago Logitech rumblepad f710 bought a Dual Action Gamepad. If you are in the US, it should be available and shipping out of our warehouse in the next couple of weeks. Logitech rumblepad f710 trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. We’re glad you’re here.

Click the links above to find out more about our lineup of Logitech gamepads or to get yours today.

Because in forums, lots of people were complaining about the same problem. Hi Yigit, The F should not exhibit the symptoms you describe.

With our wireless engineering expertise you get to experience the wireless convenience you want with the rock-solid performance you need. Also, why Rumblepad 2 deadzones are much smaller in DirectInput games?

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. We are all counting on you Chris. Pair F with Big Picture and navigate Steam, surf the web, play games and logitech rumblepad f710 from the comfort logitech rumblepad f710 your couch. The F is not Unifying-compatible, as it requires faster communication with the PC than our standard keyboards and mice.